About Us

“Customers may forget what you said, but They will never forget how you made them feel ”

Our Values

We strive to live our values to the fullest and all teams throughout the organization are committed to these values.

Marang was founded through a decade-long partnership of two entrepreneurial women. Marang is a wholly owned South African company, driven by the entrepreneurial tenacity of its founders. The founders believe that the African story is still being told. Over the years this story has evolved, today more than ever it is true that for the continent to grow, it requires true partnerships of her people.

The rise of the sun each day brings with it new challenges and a birth of a new day. People like businesses today, will consume more products and services than they did before. We understand that as economies grow, both people’s development and needs grows too. Marang understand that as micro and macro economies grow, so does the growth for transport and couriers services.

Marang is an independent transport and courier company, that provides services to blue-chip corporate and private clients. We are not only about making a profit, but contribute in the growth of our people and clients that use our products and services. We are African, we are of Africa and want to see the continent shine.

Our Executive Team


Ms. Martha Morudu

Ms. Martha, has worked for blue-chip multi-national companies, where she gained valuable experience in the customer service and human capital environments. This experience is currently being used and shared in the Marang business

Ms. Kabelo Kunene

Ms. Kabelo, is a trained and experienced talent spotter with the relevant qualifications. She has worked at various companies and that experience together with her training abilities has further strengthened the Marang team

We are about getting your people, your consignment to their destination at the agreed time and price. Our Business has the 2 streams

Courier Services

International Courier
We offer a range of reliable international shipping solutions to meet our customer’s needs, allowing them to balance cost. With our International Express, you can ship your packages, large or small, door-to-door anywhere in the world.

Domestic Courier
Our Domestic Courier service provides door-to-door delivery of urgent packages within a country. We have the perfect solution for all our customers when it comes to courier needs. Our cost-effective, reliable, easy, economical and no fuss courier service allows all our customers to focus on their core of business and let us worry about getting their parcels from point A to point B.

Shuttle Services

With safety and affordability on top of our priority list, we provide our clients with an excellent transfer experience. We have local knowledge, therefore we provide a one-stop point for your travel and shuttle needs.
We offer the following shuttle Services to suit our customer’s needs:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Social Outings
  • Long-Distance Transfers
  • Door-to-Door Shuttles
  • Event/Conference Shuttles
  • Chauffeur Services
  • Personalized Tours
  • Staff Shuttles
  • Daily Gautrain Shuttles

How Are We Doing?

We are happy to receive your feedback on the services we provide.